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24-Hour Emergency Service: 856-577-0245




Mirror Tube Welding Travel Gang.
Metal Fabrication/Installation.
Pipe Fabrication/Installation.
Certified ASME-AWS Welders.
Certified Gas Line Welders.
Portable Site Rigs.
Boiler Tube Fabrication.
Shop & Field.
Food Service Welding.
Boiler Repairs.
Plant Maintenance.
Overlay Welding/Semi-Auto.
Code Vessel Repairs.

Shop Address: 100 Hayes Avenue, Wenonah, NJ 08090. Call: 856-464-6820


P.O. Box 278
Wenonah, NJ 08090-0278


Cotterman Welding Certified, bonded and fully insureds

Business: 856-464-6820
Fax: 856-464-6930
Emergency: 856-577-0245
Shop: 856-415-0800

Customer satisfaction is as critical to our business as it is to yours.

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Cotterman, Inc. provides code welding services to a wide variety of industrial clients, including Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Metal Working industries. Our welders are certified ASME and AWS welders and certified Gas Line welders.

We provide complete industrial contracting services such as:

  • Pipe fabrication and installation,
  • Metal fabrication and installation,
  • Rotating machinery installation and repair.

Other code welding services we provide include Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). These services are performed by certified, bonded and fully insured professionals who believe that customer satisfaction is as critical to our business as it is to yours.

Cotterman Inc. is a veteran-owned business that can provide the building blocks for a sound maintenance program as well as general code welding services, millwrights, riggers, crane operators and plant maintenance programs.

If your business is in need of code welding or any of our other services, please contact us at 856-464-6820. We offer 24-hour emergency service.

We look forward to a lifetime relationship with all our customers.

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